Erima Fobbs, MPH, CPH, CTF

founded Collective Health Impact, LLC in 2014 as a natural evolution of a career dedicated to public health.  Collective Health Impact, LLC has directed, managed, consulted, and facilitated for dozens of successful cross sector initiatives. Erima brings over 30 years of strategic public health and community prevention expertise and has a Master of Public Health Degree from Yale University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from McGill University, was certified in Public Health in 2015, and was certified by the Institute of Cultural Affairs as a Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitator in 2017. She has applied ToP approaches since 2014 in facilitating focused conversations, collaborative environmental assessments, group and community participatory consensus decision-making, strategic and/or action planning for dozens of governmental, non-profit, community, and corporate boards, groups, organizations, and agencies. ToP is a proven community participatory methodology to actively and equitably engage participants in brainstorming and agreeing upon solutions for measurable (SMART) impact.  ToP techniques are the foundational facilitation techniques used by public health agencies for community participatory planning processes including MAPP, community health needs assessments and community health improvement planning.Erima’s past experience includes providing community health equity and health improvement training and planning in Ohio, Maryland, Mississippi, and Texas for CommonHealth ACTION; directing the Virginia Department of Health’s Divisions of Prevention and Health Promotion and Injury and Violence Prevention; peer-reviewing for over twenty federal public health grant competitions; instructing graduate-level courses on the epidemiology and prevention of violence for the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health; and coordination of community SAFE KIDS coalitions and projects in Virginia and Canada.

Our Collaborating Consultants        

  Strategy Coaching, Facilitation, Training, Planning & Evaluation

  • Lolita M. Ross / MMPA, PMP, President, Shared Strategy Group, LLC is a nationally recognized project director, team leader, strategy, evaluation, program design and policy consultant. Lolita is trained to conduct ToP Focused Conversation, Consensus Decision Making, Action Planning, and Strategic Planning.
  • Karla Hill-Donisch / MA, CTF, Owner and Consultant, Hill and Company, is an ICA Certified Technology of Participation Facilitator (focused conversations, collaborative environmental assessments, group and community participatory consensus decision-making, strategic and action planning) and a Qualified Technology of Participation Trainer. As a National Trainer, Karla utilizes her skills in Organizational Change Management and her expertise as an Insights Discovery Practitioner. She works interactively with clients to understand training needs, make accurate appraisals and design useful and effective programs. Her trainings energize, educate and motivate participants to put learning into action.
  • Willie Fobbs, III/ MBA, HDFP, Board President of the National Association for State Community Service Programs and Associate Director of the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, is trained in ToP Facilitation Methods: Focused Conversation, Consensus Decision Making, and Action Planning

    Project Management

  • Nenneya Shields / MBA – Project Management, Evaluation, Content Development, Communications
  • Katy Gathright / BA – Communications and Social Media
  • Emily Dursa / BA – Graphics and Web Design
  • Courtney A. Coffey / MPH – Research, Evaluation, Content Development 
  • Rashel Charles / MPH -Research, Evaluation, Quality Assurance