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Available Services

  • Facilitating focused group conversations, consensus and decision making.

  • Technology of Participation (ToP   ) Facilitation Methods.

  • Facilitating inclusive and participatory action planning. 

  • Using virtual technology tools (e.g., Zoom, Google collaboration tools, Padlet, Miro) for synchronous group discussion, brainstorming, collaboration and planning. 

  • Structuring for Collective Impact.

Design, planning, & strategy consultation

for programs, coalitions, or multi-sector collaborations that aim to engage stakeholders for sustained community impact. 

Needs assessment & evaluation
Project direction & management
  • Community conversations and focus groups. 

  • Key informant, stakeholder and community interviews. 

  • Group consensus agreements and decision making 

  • Group action planning (commitment, actions, teams, calendar of responsibilities)

  • Organizational strategic planning (mission, vision, values, swot, strategy, implementation)

  • Community-focused strategic planning (mission, vision, values, swot, strategy, implementation).

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